Sunday, June 2, 2013

Str8 - 2

Meet Gan Boon Hoe, a pre-med student. He is about 24yo. Real big tool and nice body. Goes gymming at Absolute Fitness in Juru. So if you can't catch a glimpse if his cock in the shower, now is your chance to see it here. Batang ni, memang power dan sedap. Muka pun ok - boleh telan.

He is into anal fun ... so if you wanna try, tell me, I might be generous to share his contact. 

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Gym really works out well for him!

Sweet... Don't you think?

Now for his video and face pics, you require the pass-code. 

Show encrypted video and pics

There is hidden video and pics here


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  2. beautiful tool. how to get passkey?

  3. hi, may i know how to get passkey?

  4. Nice body and the dick is a std size, good to fuck and suck vice versa.